Welcome to Sweet Snoopers®, the online scent training course

This course is designed to teach you and your dog the world-renowned training methodology of Debby Kay’s Super Sniffer® Program. Debby’s program is hailed as one of the most reliable scent detection programs available and now it is being offered online for your convenience.

Proven – Easy – Reliable Results


Do you find it hard to believe a dog is capable of this kind of work? Check out this article from the United Kingdom, "Investigation into the Value of Trained Glycaemia Alert Dogs to Clients with Type I Diabetes."

In this video, Debby Kay talks candidly about her new online scent training program for medical alert dogs, Sweet Snoopers®. She points out the various daunting aspects that face new trainers and some reasons why her program has been hugely successful in producing dependable medical alert dogs at universities, non-profit service dog schools, and training centers around the world.

Sweet Snoopers is moving to Atlas Assistance Dogs! For more information, visit their web site.